Did you know that 80% of positions are not posted and the average job search takes 40 weeks?

As a certified professional career coach and resume writer, I can help train you each step of the way to achieve your career goals. 


We offer customized individual & group training sessions.


Getting started – preparing for a new career/profession.

Session: Client situation assessment and review career searching documents, identify transferable skills, LinkedIn Profiles , and StrengthFinder or DISC Assessment (60-minute session).


Career search planning - Where do you fit in?

Session: Goals, Interests, ideal career, strategies to apply, interview preparation, and networking for success.


Onward and upward - Looking for Advancement Opportunities/Growth Potential?

Session: Learn fundamentals of raises, advanced interviewing techniques, promotions, higher salary with a new company, and LinkedIn Profiles 

Additional assessments offered for Career Management, Leadership Values, Motivators, and Career prep

Estimated prices are negotiable and are aligned with industry standard prices per research

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